Helwan ,Cairo , Egypt



about us

To all our Friends in Egypt and all over the world ,this is BIO LAB introduce it self 

Aug 2013 is BIO LAB birth in the egyptian market as a leader company in diagnostic field try to supply the market with new global brands to  reduce the shortage gap in it .

Dr /  A. Beshr  saleh is the owner of BIO LAB in addition to an expert outdoors representative sales team that cover all egyptian market (Hospital , laboratories and resarch centers)  and  indoor team that manage the business throght our head office which located in GIZA . 

BIO LAB are proud with its role in the egyptian market as its sales - First year - reached about 100,000 $ till Aug 2014  inspite of the proplems that face the egyptian market last years so  we decided to incrase our matketing power by raise our sales team to reach ten representative and opening new branch in upper egypt .

According to our marketing plan for 2015 our sales will be  250,000 $  ( two millions egyptian pounds ) and we will do our best to reach it,

Now BIO LAB  supply our market with immuno assay -Elisa - kits , life science resarch products ,and instruments ( auto chemistry analyzer - heamatology ) and later we will supply our market with rapid tests , PCR and disposibles.

Hope we success  in clarifying our company profile and our sales plan 

pleased with your visit

A. Beshr saleh

Best  regarde